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Mercy Ministry

Who are we?

In 2008 the Evangelical Church Almaz took close to heart the Lord’s call written down in the Holy Scripture:
“The ministry and worship that is pure and undefiled before God is being attentive to orphans, caring for orphans, visiting orphans, and adopting orphans. Special care is to be shown to the orphans who are going through distress, tribulation, oppression, harassment, and torment.”

Over the last 5 years, the majority of our church members took part in various orphan and children with special needs ministry events, such as developmental programs for children, caring for orphanage staff, repairing old premises and constructing new ones, engaging missionary teams from all over the world in the ministry, training seminars and conferences. All of this and a number of other things became powerful tools for showing care to orphans and children with disabilities, building up the church of Christ, and spreading the Gospel.
Almaz Church, located in Kiev, Ukraine, is made up of brothers and sisters who are passionate about orphans and children with special needs.
Almaz Church is a group of brothers and sisters committed to caring for God’s special children with God’s special love.

Since 2013, Almaz church has started its ministry for old people, many of whom were forsaken to live out their lives in solitude.